The Pootatuck Archers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.  How do I join?
A.  Please see the Membership page for information on joining the club.

Q.  Is the range open to the public?
A.  No.  The targets are club owned and maintained for use of members only.  Non-members should not use the trails for hiking (prospective members may walk the range as long as they follow the direction signs and safety rules).  Those wishing to use the targets should go to the Membership page for information on joining the club.

Q.  Does the club hold regular meetings?
A.  Yes.  We have 6 meetings per year, currently held by ZOOM.  Meetings are open to all members, and attendance is encouraged.  Prospective members may also attend to learn more or join in person.

Q.  Does the club hold tournaments?
A.  Yes.  The club does hold periodic tournaments, which are generally open to all archers.  Please see our Home page to check for upcoming events.

Q.  Do you have instruction or classes?
A. No.  Members may instruct others on the range at their discretion and at their own risk.  Archers looking for instruction are encouraged to contact the Wilton Family YMCA's archery club, which holds regular classes year-round.

Q.  Do you rent equipment?
A.  No.  Members must provide their own.

Q.  Can members use broadheads or crossbows at the range?
A.  No.  The targets are not designed for use with broadheads or crossbows, and their use on our targets is prohibited.

Q.  Is hunting permitted on the range?
A.  No.  It is generally prohibited (the Town of Redding may issue permits at its discretion).

Q.  Where can I take the Bowhunter Safety Course?
A.  The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) website has a listing of all bowhunter safety courses offered in the state.  The information can be found here.